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Smart Pricing

Smart Pricing

A website is an investment into your brand, your product, your business...even you! We set out to create the best website for your needs and your wallet.

Our websites start at $500, we set a fixed price at the beginning of the project so you know exactly what you'll be spending.

We determine that price through number of pages, & features included to get you the best price possible.

Examples of past work and price

Audition School
Features: 1 Page, contact form & mail chimp integration.
Price: $500

Pine Forest Properties
Features: 6 Pages, contact form, 3+ photo galleries & photo retouching.
Price: $1000

Casey Bombacie
Features: 8 Pages, contact form, portfolio, mail chimp integration, e-commerce, photo gallery, & blog.
Price: $1800

City of God
Features: 7 Pages + 1 continuous scrolling index page, multiple contact forms, calendar mail chimp integration, e-commerce/online giving, photo gallery, events integration, podcast, .
Price: $2500