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Player Development Mobile App

For casino properties, player development is the frontline of defense. Hosts use the app to move players into their pipeline to drive sales, events, offers, and hotel reservations. After several rounds of user interviews with player development managers, host managers, and hosts; we put together a working prototype that could be built in one quarter using AGILE processes. The project is still WIP and we have tested this prototype with the aforementioned users and have received positive feedback.

Click here for working prototype.

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Pandemonium E-Reader Mobile App

The Pandemonium app provides a way for screenwriters to get their screenplays read, sold, and perhaps turned into a movie. After some initial user research and competitive landscape research we decided on a scaled back look and feel with the ease of the iBooks store. The app has been very well received and ties into the website and branding established by Pandemonium.

Click here for working prototype.

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Mobile Game Prototype

Working with some of the best in the game industry on a TBA mobile game, was an amazing experience. Leading the charge on rough design, initial user flows and gameplay, as well as look development. This was a fun way to do some light animation to entice investors and show them some very rough ideas of how we see the menus and some monetization working. All chicken-scratch drawings and animation done by me in a now deprecated program.

Click here to watch working prototype.

FORM Lifting Mobile App

Now defunct, FORM had a unique mobile app that was able to track your power and olympic lifts via a barbell collar. It was a great mix of hardware and software, containing 8 accelerometers and an altimeter it was able to read speed, height, and lift. Sadly due to lack of funding the company wasn’t able to continue after selling a couple hundred units. We were just gearing up to add workout subscriptions from numerous lifting influencers. The images above represent different screens of the app.